How do I register a new vehicle?
  • A duly completed application form RLV. Note the declaration at the signature - do not make yourself liable to prosecution for providing false information.
  • Acceptable identification of the title holder as well as of the owner (only one set if it is only one person).
  • A certificate issued by the manufacturer or importer of the motor vehicle on the official stationery of such manufacturer or importer OR the registration certificate (form RC1) issued to the manufacturer, builder or importer when they registered the vehicle into stock for the first time.
  • The relevant fees as prescribed in the province of your appropriate registering authority (authority in whose area you reside).
How do I register a used vehicle?
How do I apply for registration of a imported vehicle
Registration of a vehicle built up from parts
Vehicle bought from deceased person or repossessed vehicle
What is acceptable identification?
How do I apply for a learners licence?
How do I apply for a drivers licence?
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A person must be declared "fit to drive" to drive a vehicle in South Africa
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